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It started as a rumor and the world ignored it at first.But,the rumor kept getting stronger nontheless but still the world ignored it.A few deaths related to it were announced and soon the WHO announced a pandemic.People started paying attention.More died and still more got infected but,at last,people started feeling annoyed and anxious about this intruder,this troublemaker,this corona virus which dared interfere with their lives.Researchers the world over stiffened,furrowed their brows and faced the enemy steadfastlly.They decided to think about it.Yes,they decided to use »thought »,their invisible but invincible weapon against this devil of a virus.They thought about it as they never thought about anything before,considered and analyzed it every which way.They seemed puzzled at first but plunged even deeper into it.They knew humanity depended on them and felt so proud they digged deeper and deeper until they finally declared, »WE GOT A VACCIN. »They accomplished their sacred mission and saved our world.As Winston Churchill once said, »Never in the field of human conflict was so much been owed by so many to so few. »You the »few »,the brave, the noble, the geniuses,the heroes… whoever you are and wherever your are,we thank you,we admire you and we love you.