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Are you feeling lonely? Do you think you’d be happier if you had more money? Do you think your loneliness would disappear if you were with the person of your dreams? Allow me to suggest that nothing and nobody else but you can erase that sense of loneliness. Being with the right person or having more money may cover it for a while but sooner or later it will reappear.So where is the answer? Well, it has always been within you. The idea is to be conscious of the present moment.Yes, it’s that simple.Why? Because the second you surrender to the ‘now’, all negativity dissolves.Your loneliness, emptiness and other woes are created by your ego that keeps referring to the past that’s gone or the future that isn’t here yet.It does everything to keep you from being in the ‘now’.It confuses you by bringing the darkness of the past and the mystery of the future into your ‘now’. But,if you poured out the light of Spirit, your ego would recoil in horror.Why so? You may ask.Well, the ego simply hates to be found out.It cannot stand your spiritual light which uncovers its mischievous tricks.When you are here in the ‘now’, in your light, your ego cannot be.Steve Jobs once suggested we find a giant to slay.Well, it’ll be hard to find a wilder and fiercer one.