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Why do you look so despondent? Why so gloomy first thing in the morning? There certainly should be better ways to start the day, in heaven’s name! Why so pessimistic, so cynical and so beaten while the sun is shining and the birds are singing? Why frown and grumble about this and that all the time? Why, in the name of God, do you have to wear that gloomy look as if all human misery dwelt in your heart? Please, I beg you, give me something better. Give me cheerfulness, joy, radiance. Give me optimism, enthusiasm, open-mindedness. Give me hope, faith, love. Give me the best life has to offer. Yes, give me well-being, bliss, serenity. Give me roses, sunset, sunrise, grass, trees, birds. Give me the moon, the stars, the sun. Give me the best there is down here on earth and up there in the heavens. And, if you do, the universe and its wonders will kneel before you, in ecstasy!